Summer 2001
Hello, SWR friends and family. It's been awhile since we last compiled "all the news fit to print", and things are really cookin', indeed. So allow me to turn up the heat...
Mo' Control: A Must-Have for Mo' Bass
"NOW SHIPPING!!!" Man, I hate to be bold and exclamatory like that, but Mo' Bass users owe it to themselves to get ahold of one of these! Today! Using Mo' Control, you can interact intuitively with your Mo' Bass and discover exciting new ways to express your unique musical vision. Not only does it let you access various effects and combinations at the touch of the foot, it's got a foot pedal that acts as a wah wah AND a way to control the filter sweep of the Mo' Bass "Bassynth" effect. Oh, you just gotta experience it for yourself! For more about Mo' Control, click here. If you want to learn more about Mo' Bass, click here.
Summer Tourin', Had Me A Blast

Jimmy Haslip with the Yellowjackets ---
just one of many SWR artists on tour this summer.
Pardon the Grease reference, but boy is this summer gonna be a big one for SWR. We have so many artists out on the road, we're gonna have to take the whole summer off just to catch half of these great shows. We wish... Anyway, here's just a sampling (in alphabetical order) of artists using SWR on tour: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Deep Purple (see below), Earth Wind & Fire, Eagles (see below), Godsmack, Guns 'N' Roses, Jimmy Haslip (with The Yellowjackets), Keb' Mo', Tower Of Power, and more. For a detailed listing, click here.
I Love L.A. -- L.A. Series Combos, That Is
SWR's powerful but petite bass combos are also NOW SHIPPING!, and bassists the world over are discovering for themselves that you actually can get a whole load of great bass tone out of a Little Amp. For more about "the little amps that could," click here.
SWR "Family Picnic"

John Avila gets ants in his pants at the SWR Family Picnic
On Friday, May 11th, we invited a who's who of SWR artists to stop by our digs in Sun Valley, have some lunch, and try out our new gear. It was a great way to get a bunch of our artists together without the usual trade show atmosphere, giving us all a chance to shoot the breeze, share stories, and basically just have a good time. Because we wanted to keep it low-key and mellow, we invited no press and no photographers, save for SWR's web guru, Kelly, to take a few digital shots for posterity.

Among the bass players who stopped by (in alphabetical order): John Avila, Max Bennett, Tim Bogert, Kevin "Brandino" Brandon, Phil Chen, Kenny Davis, Lynn Davis, Louis Johnson, Joy Julks, Rana Ross, Danny Sheridan, and Dirk Shumaker.

A number of other famous players stopped by to play, too. Guitarist Eric Garcia (who’s been playing with Phil Chen lately), drummer Kurt Busquera (Elton John and others), and more, joined in the jam. Not only that, but a few of us SWR folks joined in, too, including customer service guy (and guitarist) Adrian Galysh.
More NEW ARTISTS Than You Can Shake A Stick At
Yes, the SWR roster continues to swell--great timing, what with summer coming. 'Cause you know things tend to expand in the heat and... Ah, heck, let's just do it:

Timothy B. Schmit - Eagles
Longtime bassist for the Eagles, once with country rock legends Poco, and with a happening solo career, too, TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT's now using SWR bass amplification. On the Eagles' current European tour (which will come Stateside at the end of July), he's using a Bass 750, and Goliath III and Son Of Bertha cabinets. Timothy recently recorded a new solo CD, Feed The Fire, available on Lucan Records. Look for a feature on Timothy here in the upcoming weeks.

Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles -
Flying high with SWR
Paul Delisle - Smashmouth
The kings of retro/punky pop have finished their third LP, Smashmouth, and will be touring all summer and beyond in support. Bassist PAUL DELISLE has ditched his old rig for an SWR system featuring a Bass 750 head and our brand-new Workingman's Tower 8x10 cabinet. The rig is featured in the video the band did for their cover of "I'm A Believer," which appears in the big summer blockbuster movie, Shrek. Oh yeah: did we mention that George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic makes a cameo on that new Smashmouth disc, too? And that Paul recently played on the new record by The Martinis, featuring ex-Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago?

Paul and Smashmouth have two songs featured
in the summer blockbuster "Shrek" - now playing...
Roger Glover - Deep Purple
Those highway stars of hard rock embarked on an extensive US tour in June (with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Ted Nugent), and Purple low-man ROGER GLOVER is using his humongous SWR system. In it he's got various numbers and combinations of Mo' Bass heads and Megoliath cabinets.

Murphy Karges - Sugar Ray
Another group that's conquered the top of the pop charts is Sugar Ray. Their self-titled LP has just been released, just in time for their summer tour with Uncle Kracker. Bassist MURPHY KARGES has taken to his new SWR system, which includes a Mo' Bass, Mo' Control, and Megoliath cabinet. As a matter of fact, Murph was recently seen with just such a setup on NBC's Today show and during the halftime segment for NBA Playoffs finals between the Lakers and the Sixers.

Check out Sugar Ray's new video for "When It's Over"
co-starring Murphy's new SWR Rig.

Eric Wilson - Long Beach Dub Allstars
Once upon a time ERIC WILSON and bandmates were known as Sublime, and scored some major hits with their unique pop sound. Nowadays the band's known as the Long Beach Dub Allstars, and Eric provides the low-end foundation with a Mo' Bass head and a number of SWR cabs, including Big Bertha, Henry The 8X8, Megoliath, and Big Ben.

Eric Wilson thumpin' in the LBC

Goliath Senior, a California Blonde, and Pearl Jam: In Concert
Pearl Jam's new concert video, Pearl Jam --Touring Band, features live footage of bassist JEFF AMENT with his 4 custom Goliath Sr. (6x10) cabinets. You'll also see guitarist STONE GOSSARD using his California Blonde acoustic amp.

PDF: Pretty Darn Files... for you to download
We have begun creating PDF files of all of our products' owners manuals and will soon be posting them in the owner's manual area. You'll be able to download 'em all one day, peruse them, alphabetize them if you want, and best of all, print them for yourself. In case you don't know, to open a PDF file you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from
This Bit Brought to You By the Letter "B"

Bryan's "I'm so happy to be back at work" look.
Our own BRYAN BELLER, SWR's Product Development Manager--and a bassist extraordinare--just got back from a busy month-long tour with Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins. They played nearly every day, in 25 big cities, promoting their new CD, Dancing. Bryan, who's bracing for a busy schedule back here at SWR, says: "Me, Mike Keneally, Mo' Bass, Mo' Control, 25 cities across America, total mayhem. I worked 'em to death--and they lived!"
More SWR Artist Interviews at
Check 'em out. We've grilled some of our artists--with a bunch of questions, that is--and we're adding new interviews to our artist section every week. Recent additions include: Adam Nitti (who's got a new column in Bass Player--congrats, Adam!), Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap, and Frank Salvaggio of Slaves On Dope.

Here's who we'll be adding to the menu over the next few weeks: Juan Nelson (with Ben Harper), a new Michael Manring interview, Dirk Shumaker (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy), and Paul Hinojos (At the Drive-in). Check back frequently!

...And The Outro
That just about does it for this edition of the SWR Newsletter. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to check out all of the product info, NEW artist interviews, and what not. Meanwhile, we'll keep you posted on all the newsworthy SWR stuff right here at

Until next time: Buh-bye.
Marsh Gooch
Director of Marketing
SWR Sound Corporation